Is Digital Marketing going to die?

Is Digital Marketing GOing to Die?
Digital Marketing

Is Digital Marketing going to die?

Digital Marketing is dead? What’s the future of Digital Marketing?

Are there opportunities for newcomers to learn from the many Digital Marketers who are already in existence? 

These are crucial questions that must be asked of any young Entrepreneur who plans to pursue a career as a Digital Marketing professional. You will be spending your time and energy learning this subject for months, if not years. Without a clear understanding, you won’t be able to create a career in this field.
First, let’s understand

Why is Digital Marketing so Popular?

  • India’s current market size is 210 Billion
  • It’s expected to reach 539 Billion by 2024
  • India’s Digital Market is expected to double in four years

Digital Marketing is gaining popularity at an alarming rate over the last five years.
Every person today wants to be a YouTuber, blogger, or affiliate marketer. Because he sees his cousin or friend making money early in life. There are many examples. Kids aged 8-10 are making thousands of rupees. Simply by writing blogs or uploading videos. However, it is not as easy as it appears. You must have good content, be able to solve any problem, and know how to market your content.

Due to the high level of competition and increased demand in 2020, every businessman wants to go online. He must learn digital marketing or hire professional agencies to help grow his business. He will lose his business if he doesn’t act fast.

Digital Marketing has gained popularity due to the dramatic shift in consumer behavior. Traditional marketing, such as advertising on TV, newspaper, or magazines, is expensive, which only a few large corporations and brands can afford.

Jio’s launch has seen users spend more time on the internet and buy things online. Personalized content is becoming more popular by the day. Nowadays, youth rarely watch content on TV. You can keep up with all the latest world news via your mobile device. You can enjoy your favorite content while you are away, and not be interrupted by annoying long ads.

We can see that every industry, whether it be Entertainment, Music, Fashion, Health, Food, Investment, or Education, is going online to sell its product and/or services.

Digital Marketing is now more popular than it was 10 years ago. It is impossible to sustain anything that grows so fast. Many examples have been given in the past of computer languages C++, Java Basics, and others. Many of us wanted to work in computer languages during the golden age. We learned the latest languages and became proficient. But technological advances have meant that new languages are now available and many languages have disappeared.

Will digital marketing disappear like other forms of marketing in the future?
Let us find out a clear answer.
Digital Marketing can be used to do this.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a mix of marketing, Sales, and Technology.
In the future, will marketing and sales cease to exist as a concept? Or technologies will disappear?

Let’s get to it!
Since people have always had something to sell, marketing has existed. Marketing, sales, and technology are not defined by any set of parameters. They change and evolve over time. A seller’s decision will affect a potential buyer’s chances of actually purchasing the property.

Amir Khan Famous film star was the one to promote the film on TV. He was seen on the shows and promoted the film before it was released. That trend continues today. Produced now have separate budgets to promote the film and its songs. Sometimes the marketing budget is greater than the budget for the entire film.

Another example of unconventional marketing — A blog about “Burger King” was published in May 2020. A total Genius was hired by Burger King. Their official account created a list of influential people in their domain, and they started liking their social posts in 2010.

Ever had someone commented on your Facebook posts from one year ago? It’s insane. It takes a while to scroll down to find those images.

This confused comment was repeated by more influencers. It was absurd behavior for such a large account. One influencer tweeted the following:

Burger King is going through my tweets starting in 2010 why? People started connecting the dots and posting several twits in an attempt to understand why Burger Kings are going through old posts. This created a buzz, and people began talking about Burger King’s bizarre behavior.

A few weeks later, when Burger King did this to a handful of influencers and stirred up ongoing commotion via Twitter, they did their mic drop plug

They tweet

“Some things from 2010, like your old tweets or funnel cake fries, are worth revisiting. You can get them now, but only for a very limited time.

A lot of people held their faces in their palms and said “Ohhh!”

It cost nothing for burger King to scroll back and enjoy a lot of tweets, except employee time. Numerous influential people were tweeting the phrase “burger kings”. This was all done for free by Burger King.

– Digital payment uses have changed dramatically during monetization.

– Online coaching has seen a sudden uptake during covid-19.

How marketing has evolved over time and ways to excel at it for 2020

Before 1900

Because goods were made in small batches and often by hand, marketing was almost always done by.

Referrals, word-of-mouth, and influencer advertising are all options.

The early 1900s

The University of Pennsylvania began offering a course in “The Marketing of Products” in 1904. The term “marketing”, officially, is born. The industry was at that time focused on increasing production. Marketing was also limited to efficient product distribution.


Advertising reach has increased since the birth of radio in the 1920s. Marketing ideas now look for the best way of using this medium. Technology advancements are, however, primarily for customers to be aware that a product exists.

TV was first introduced in 1941. With a rise in telephone use in the 40s, marketing ideas are hot in the 50s. Marketers are looking to find new communication tools and ways to interact with sophisticated customers. This is when the marketing mix/marketing concept was born. It involves the search for the perfect balance between Price, Promotion, Product, and Place/Distribution.


The 70s were a great period for innovative marketing ideas. Marketing that works in synergy.

Synergy In Marketing It is when two remarketing initiatives produce a response that is greater than the sum total of the responses they would have elicited individually.


The 80s are a time when marketing becomes personal. Experts in the field see selling as building relationships, not a transaction. In the 80s, they carried a briefcase with a few samples and knocked on doors to make sales.

Then, it went to the phone. Telemarketers would spend hours calling to try and get the person on the other side excited about his products.

CRM (customer relation management) is an effective tool for marketing because interactions with potential customers can now be tracked in order to follow up on what is now called “follow-up. “Customer lifecycle” From cold prospect to buyer.

Another great marketing idea is “Guerrilla Marketing”. This is an advertisement strategy where a company uses surprising and/or unorthodox interactions to promote a product. This is an advertising strategy that encourages consumers to engage with the product or service.


The Internet revolutionized the world and marketing professionals immediately began testing new marketing strategies on this innovative medium.

The decade of this decade saw a new marketing concept that is smarter and more effective.SEO (Search Engine Optimizement) It is an algorithm that attempts to rank a product/service at the top of Google/yahoo’s search results in order to give the seller an edge.


Another major milestone in marketing comes with the new millennium. Myspace and the birth of social media. Customers now have instant access to information and communication through the Internet.

Marketing professionals need to adapt their strategies and approaches in order to approach smart customers using social media.


The Internet proved to be a double-edged sword to marketers. It allowed for unprecedented access to information about potential customers. However, it also gave them the ability to block or filter advertising. This enabled customers to shop around and compare prices in ways that weren’t possible before.

Marketing has become about satisfying the customer’s needs and building trusting relationships…

2020 is today

Online and digital marketing in the future. The marketing picture is less vivid. Marketing is much more dynamic and effective when it is focused on the customer and his devices. The majority of marketing is done via our smartphones and computers. It revolves around how many times we swipe or click it and how much effort it takes.

Everyone can become an influencer online, as social media has transformed into personal broadcasting 24/7. This is how marketing history came full circle. Today, –


In the last ten years, the marketing industry has undergone a significant transformation. My personal digital transformation is helping me to understand how best to market my eCommerce company. It also allows me to learn to analyze every step in a customer acquisition journey.

Digital Marketing is a Must-Have

Marketing and Sales are not defined. The technologies will change over time. There are many types of marketing. Each requires a different specialized skill.

Digital marketing only works because it is built into the foundation of Marketing. Digital Marketing is a part of the Marketing and Sales continuum. However, it will continue to change over time.

Google algorithm changes from time to another.

Facebook Organic Reach is now dead. However, anyone over the age of 35 or 45 is still on Facebook. You can’t miss marketing him.

– Instagram is more efficient in terms of engaging youth and selling products

– Facebook’s image ads are gradually being replaced by video ads. People enjoy watching videos more than images or carousel advertisements.

Digital Marketing as a career

If you want to be a digital marketing professional, you must first become one. Digital marketing is more than using tools to reach your customers. It’s all about understanding marketing fundamentals, understanding the economy, and adapting to new technologies.

You will need to master Integrated Digital Marketing as a marketer.

What is integrated digital marketing and how it works?

Integrated digital marketing sounds like it is Integration Multiple Marketing You can use these strategies to build a cohesive online business approach. This is what it usually entails: web design and development. Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing(SEM), Social Media Marketing Marketing (SMM), as well as content marketing.

– You must first start to build good content & tribe

– Next, start to get SEO traffic.

– You can then create a social media and an email strategy for it

– Next, you can start advertising for paid and sell.

These are some of the best tips for a successful career in digital marketing.

1.Find a Gold You need to find a niche that you will be focusing on. Choose a niche that reflects your talents, interests, and passions. Do not be a generalist. Be a specialist. Major niches include Investment, Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

2.Understanding Global Economics The average age of its citizens determines how the economy of a country. The human cycle of growth involves people growing up, getting married, buying homes and cars, having children, going on vacations, and spending money. The economy of a country begins to rise because they spend so much while they are young. The economy starts to decline as people get older. This causes household expenses to drop.

Few Book Recommendations
1. Currency Wars
2. Paul Krugman books
3. Books by Raghuram Rajan
4. Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith
Debt creates money if you borrow money from a bank, you then deposit it into another bank. This bank then lends the money to another person. The cash reserve ratio of 10% means that the market circulation can rise by 10 times.

• Increase your communication skills
* Read a lot (30 minutes a day)
* Listen to the podcast (about 30 minutes).
* Write lots (500 words per day).
* View English sitcoms
* Check out stand-up comedy to learn more about the culture and local slang
* Think in English

• How to spot market demand
* Google auto-suggest
* Answer the public survey
* Check out the Amazon reviews.
* Conduct your own research about the problem.
* Connect with people in your industry who are selling, buying, or manufacturing products and/or services.
* Be sure to look for both pre and post requirements of products and services

• Create your own brand
* It’s important to create your own brand
* People want people to hear them, not brands
* The most well-known will always have the best.
* Don’t be afraid of standing out
* Stop trying so hard to fit in
* Use social media to express your character and personality
* Publish content in other forms
* Make your mark in the community
* Write, publish videos, do public speaking.

• You can create a marketing funnel
* Keep the lines open: First, you can give away content as a lead generator. Then, charge a small amount for your content. Eventually, you will charge more.

  • People will always pay for value

* Use automation tools to automate the funnel.
* Establish relationships through automation
* Place 10 lakh people at your top funnel to reach 1000 people at its bottom.
* Create brand ambassadors

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