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Digital marketing has made a huge impact on the buyer experience and the consumer experience over the years. Marketing was a process of exposing leads to as many messages as possible before they made the decision to purchase something. Companies can’t simply shout at customers and hope for the best. They need to build relationships with prospects via content marketing, social media, and public relations.

Mobile searches have outpaced desktop searches in recent years. The world is becoming more social and influencers are the best way to gain consumer trust. All this data shows that consumer behavior is changing. Either company can keep up with current trends in choice and acquisition, or they could become obsolete. These are just a few of the many ways that digital marketing has changed everything.
Analytics access
It was almost impossible to track customer preferences and trends before the digital age. Digital marketing and analytics allow marketing professionals and PR agencies to access unlimited amounts of data to help determine how clients search for products and make purchases.

Analytics and “big data,” allow companies to understand their target audience, and then use the insights to adapt their marketing strategies to the right language. This results in stronger customer-company relationships and increased sales opportunities.

Brand relationships through social media

Since social media has been an integral part of digital marketing, it has changed the way companies reach customers and influence their choices. If they are to sell, brands today know they must earn the trust and respect of their customers. Many customers check out reviews online before buying a product or service.

All companies have the opportunity to build relationships with prospects via social media. This is possible through transparent and credible marketing that isn’t as aggressive or blunt as traditional “outbound” marketing. Brands can connect with their customers through influencers, viral trends, and social shares. This allows for more organic marketing.

SEO: Higher rankings equals better sales

Despite the many changes in digital marketing, one thing is certain: people still depend on search engines to help make their decisions. Customers turn to search engines to get information about brands, products, and even problems they are having. Content marketing and SEO are essential components of any PR or marketing strategy.

Companies that are able to use inbound marketing to create valuable content and attract backlinks to their website will be able to rank higher than the rest. A company’s rank is a measure of how likely they are to sell. Customers believe in hierarchy. Customers are more inclined to trust businesses that appear at the top of search results than those that appear five pages down.


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